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  • * When purchasing from your BMC Bookshop, you get instant pick up, the exact book and materials your professor requested, and easy returns.
  • * Text purchases at your BMC Bookshop are exempt from sales tax. Online sites are obligated to charge tax, so don't forget to add 6% to online prices.
  • * For your convenience, online prices include estimated shipping costs.
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  • * Some professors may require books and packages that contain access codes for online resources. Codes and bundles should only be purchased new.
  • We guarantee buyback at the end of the semester on all texts purchased here, with your BMC Bookshop receipt. Titles will be market-priced as of our buyback dates. For some titles, we are already able to make buyback price commitments, which you'll see just under the title info. For all other titles, we won't know our buyback offers until the end of the semester.

Disclaimer: Your BMC Bookshop offers this site as a service to our students, to assist you in making purchasing decisions. Course materials can be changed or cancelled by faculty at any time, and publisher and marketplaces prices change frequently. As a result, changes to ISBNs or prices may be made at any time. The information on this site is updated every weekday.

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